Juliet Rose: Atmosfear

Juliet Rose, the London painter whose subject is the ephemera of everyday life, is one of nine artists showing their work in the upcoming show called "Atmosfear." Opening next Monday, 4 December 2006, at the Air Gallery in London, the works exhibited in the week-long show all share "a profoundly atmospheric aesthetic." For Juliet, that includes silver combs, keys and other trinkets that she arranges evenly against a monotone background, like in "The Story of Ten Days" (pictured left) and "Paroxismal Confusion" (pictured right). (Click either image for detail and see the flyer here.)

Private View: 5 December 2006, 6-9pm
Through 9 December 2006
Air Gallery
32 Dover Street
London WIS 4NE
tel. 07966 140770 or 020 7704 2838