Premiere: Kai Landre’s “The 1st Kiss”

A digital love story with a Toni Ponix-produced electronic undercurrent, from the Barcelona-based songwriter

Social media plays a role in so many real-life love stories—sometimes to the detriment of those in the relationship. Some individuals document every moment, building a digital trail of emotion-saturated moments, some of which must be purged upon the death of togetherness. Barcelona singer/songwriter Kai Landre addresses this in his new single—produced by Toni Ponix—premiering here today. With an electronic undercurrent drawing references from Japanese pop, Landre sings of posting his first kiss and the connection ending there. It’s bouncy, enjoyable, curiously relevant and an indicator of the singer’s charm. Landre began in the world of independent folk but has explored songwriting and production across several genres. He first gained international attention in the riveting, powerful fall 2017 campaign for the gender-defying fashion house Palomo Spain—but music has been his passion since early childhood and his professional aspiration for years.

Producer Toni Ponix also constructed the song’s visual accompaniment. “The video was done using 3D animation in Cinema4D,” he explains. It took two days to construct, more or less. “Rather than a music video I would call it ‘a nicer way to present music,'” he continues. “I used concepts surrounding the idea of the first kiss like the sweet smell of a cherry tree, the electric energy of the lighting and the cold,new sensation of glassy materials.” The video, much like the track, exudes exploratory, youthful vibrance coated in a digital veneer.

Kai Landre’s debut album, Private Affairs, will be out 17 June.

Images and video courtesy of Toni Ponix