Music Gets More Social With OneSong

This new app makes sharing an individual track with friends super fast and fun


From the land that gave us Spotify, comes OneSong: another simple app that may further alter the way we experience music digitally. Much like a combination of Instagram and Spotify, the app lets users share one song at a time, including a short description, with their followers. And with many tech and design commentators believing that we’re returning to a digital landscape in which choices given to us will be deliberately limited, it’s a timely release. “We realized that the world was getting tiny. All these great services making things smaller and shorter, and at the same time more social,” explains founder Nils von Heijne.

Indeed, text is shorter on Twitter, photos are consumed at the flick of a thumb on Instagram, snippets of film loop on Vine. But nothing has really disrupted music in the same way. “We realized nobody had yet come up with a way to make one important thing shorter and more social: music. So we did just that,” von Heijne continues.


After being tested by thousands of beta users (just like Spotify was prior to launch), OneSong—according to von Heijne—is like having a flowing soundtrack to a specific point in time, curated by your social network. It’s an organic digital mixtape made by your friends that ties you to a collective mood. The potential is there for OneSong to be a catalyst for generations who never knew the power of a C90 mixtape. And for those who do remember, perhaps a sweet dose of nostalgia.

The app is integrated with Spotify Premium on iOS and is free to download.

Images courtesy of OneSong