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Karl Escritt’s Live Painting

Karl Escritt is a Kyoto-based graphic artist who’s been quietly making a name for himself as an accomplished designer of flyers, posters and t-shirts for the underground music scene in this Englishman’s adopted Japan.

Recently, Escritt has made a foray as a performance artist as a live painter. He crafts his artwork over Japanese electronica dance music and remixes the final product to show a collage of visual art and Japonica music. One of his performances can be seen here:

On 12 November 2006 Escritt has a show in Kyoto; 1 December 2006 he hosts the first in a series of monthly Kyoto creative showcases of local talent called Creative Japonica; 10 December 2006 is another live painting in Kyoto. “I also promote and design for various Underground Events in Kyoto and have many more projects planned in the upcoming months,” Escritt told us in a recent interview.


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