Maguila #12


Maguila is a free PDF art magazine and its newest edition is now available for download. Full of spectacular art worthy of whitewashed walls in any gallery, this 94-page issue packs in drawings, paintings, photography, collage and graphic design work from two dozen global artists—most probably unknown to the casual viewer but all deserving their due.


Maguila germinated from a idea that started with Base-V, a collective of São Paulo artists who were responsible for curating the A Conquistadors de Espaço exhibit we wrote about last week, as a platform to show simply good artwork and to network with artists. There's definitely not enough exhibition space in the physical world to show the sheer amount of creativity being produced.

Editor Anderson Freitas (aka Zansky) especially looks for works that toe the line of experimentation and since 2003 has showcased 160 artists in Maguila and through their other publishing efforts, including books and other magazines. Like ROJO, this publication removes the distraction of text to allow images to speak for themselves. Artists are allowed to submit any work they want without the constraints of a theme. Base-V is working on two follow-ups to their Box #1, which will be wooden boxes containing 25 silk screened artworks, each individually made by a different artist.