Michael Marantz’s “Good Morning” Short Film

A powerful message of unity from the director/composer, and artist Kamau

“Wake up!” commands artist Kamau one minute into Michael Marantz‘s brand new short film “Good Morning.” The call to action accompanies an increase in pace of Marantz’s score (yes, he personally scored the under-three-minute short film) and a rapturous force takes hold. Marantz partnered with director of photography Tim Sessler under the banner of storytelling studio/production company Already Alive for the work. Together—along with Kamau’s powerful words—they’ve constructed a resonant, thoughtful and inspiring piece requesting unity in a time of political unrest. Kamau narrates the piece, which also casts students from the Harlem School of the Arts Kids Dance Ensemble. There’s an undeniable timeliness to the release (yet its message is also timeless) and its brevity makes the piece ready for repeat consumption.

Video courtesy of Already Alive