The 2017 eyeo Festival: Minneapolis’ Creative Technology Conference

Addressing design and data through this year's "Code + Resistance" theme

In the crowded creative conference space, one event has continued to impress us to the point that we’ve signed on as a media partner. The Minneapolis

eyeo Festival incorporates talks and workshops that strike the intersection of art, information and inspiration. There’s an essence to the dialogues and experience that feels quite experimental, and in turn cutting-edge. We’ve witnessed the continued polishing of many events on the conference circuit and love eyeo for forgoing the frills. The focus is on the speakers and their work, and there’s a valuable academic edge. The destination emphasizes the cultural explosion we’ve witnessed coming from Minneapolis—and Minnesota as a whole. But the talent here is global, as are the topics being addressed.

eyeo runs from 26-29 June 2017. In addition to the three days worth of talks, labs and demos there are more than 40 guests at the Walker Art Center location. From the speakers‘ lectures and workshops, many important topics will be addressed including data visualization and information organization, processing and open frameworks and gestural computing. Some of the talks we’re looking forward to include those by Kevin Slavin, L05, Manuel Lima and Juliana Rotich. More than 30 individual events comprise what is a thought-provoking grouping of some of today’s best thinkers and doers.

Tickets to the eyeo Festival are available online. The one-day Code+Resistance Summit is a pay-what-you-can rate, beginning at $10. A full festival pass, which covers all day and night events, costs $699.

Images courtesy of the eyeo Festival