The Moxy Hotel Chelsea’s ASMR Bedtime Stories

Caroline Vreeland and others leave Whisperlodge videos for guests

A giggle follows a whisper. Fingernails run along cardboard. This is a bedtime story, unlike any other, wherein singer Caroline Vreeland employs various Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) techniques to narrate a brief dining experience. All of this and more has been done for an ASMR video program at the new Moxy Hotel Chelsea. Whereas many hotels launch with in-room yoga videos or guides to meditation, the Moxy team felt that ASMR was the way to go. And not only does it embody this Marriott brand’s ethos, but it’s also simply fun for all.

ASMR videos have been stimulating people for years—and trawling through YouTube reveals millions of people creating them. Here, tingles stem from pleasurable sounds and low speaking voices. In her work, Vreeland strikes every note perfectly. Additionally, actress Bella Thorne and her sister Dani join forces for a video of their own. Alongside Vreeland’s efforts, props play an important role in their narrative. There are many haptic triggers strung together. And whether or not the results titillate, they certainly entertain.

To date, we’ve spent time at The Moxy’s original NYC outpost, The Moxy Times Square—and at two of its properties in Japan. Art and design factor heavily into all of these experiences. And, with contributions from Whisperlodge, the same can be said of the Chelsea destination. And, with these ASMR bedtime stories, it seems the latest entry into the portfolio is the one pushing the boundary the furthest.

Images courtesy of BFA