300-Year-Old Murder Mystery Rekindled by Skeleton Discovery

When renovating the Leine Palace (located in Lower Saxony, Germany), workers found bones on the floor. Soon it was determined they were human, and from a long time ago. Now it’s believed the bones could be a clue in a 300-year-old murder mystery involving King George I. The story goes, when King George I was still Georg Ludwig, he lived at Leine Palace with his wife (and cousin) Sophia Dorothea of Celle. The couple married in 1682 and neither was faithful, Sophia Dorothea had a long relationship with a Swedish Count, Philipp Christoph von Königsmark. The lovers had planned to run away together, but Georg found out about their plan. “On the day the lovers planned to escape, Königsmark mysteriously disappeared and wasn’t seen again. Georg then divorced Sophia Dorothea and imprisoned her miles away in another castle, where she died three decades later.” Could these bones be Königsmark’s? Read more at National Geographic.