The Neon Museum’s Virtual Tour of “Lost Vegas: Tim Burton” Exhibition

From an animatronic slot machine to a 40-foot-tall neon sign, imaginative site-specific works inside and out

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Extended several months by popular demand, then shuttered amidst the pandemic, the Neon Museum‘s Lost Vegas: Tim Burton exhibition will come to an official end on 12 April. Before the imaginative installation of original, (mostly) site-specific work concludes, however, education specialist Mitch Cohen will offer one last chance to see it all through a Neon Museum Facebook Live virtual tour. More than an assemblage of sculptural works that channel the artist and filmmaker’s fantastical vision, the Burton exhibit accomplishes something rare: it elevates the link between an artist and a destination he’s drawn direct inspiration from.

Anyone who has seen Burton’s 1996 sci-fi comedy Mars Attacks! understands his filmic relationship to the Neon Museum: one sequence was filmed there. Now, wondrous new Burton works mingle within a setting he ushered into film history. Many of these new works reference Burton’s life before filmmaking, when he would visit the city as a child. From the outdoor Neon Boneyard to the visitor center and North Gallery, Burton’s vision pops up, peeps through and surprises.

The final (and first-ever) tour will take place Friday, 10 April at 1PM PDT on Facebook Live.

Images courtesy of Denise Truscello/Neon Museum