Digital Artist Neon Saltwater Transforms a Las Vegas Gas Station into a Glowing Beacon

Modifying an abandoned gas station from the 1930s on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, “Mystery Cruise 1990” (2022) is a glowing, site-specific installation by digital artist Neon Saltwater (aka Abigail Dougherty). The neon beacon is part of the city’s annual Life Is Beautiful Festival, curated by creative agency JustKids. “I see ‘Mystery Cruise 1990’ as a nostalgic reinterpretation by the artist of the vintage neon pieces and tourist extravaganzas still visible in the old Vegas, but with new energy,” JustKids director Charlotte Dutoit tells Artnet News. “I hope this artwork will spark curiosity and slow down the passerby, inviting them to escape for a moment in a weird glowing time travel.” Read more about the physical installation and Dougherty’s digital vision for the interior at Artnet.

Image courtesy of JustKids