Champagne Toolbox

Next time you're asked to help a dear friend move, send over one of these handy toolboxes by Dina Bean in lieu of your presence and you may just find yourself completely off the hook. The red metal box contains the bare necessities for urban relocation: hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, flashlight, chocolate, champagne, and gourmet cookies. The set even includes an issue of Dwell to get the creative design ideas flowing (that is, of course, after the requisite post-move nap). Having just finished a hellish move of my own in the New York heat, I reckon a little bubbly and a few scrumptuous snacks might have been the perfect way not only to celebrate but also ease the pain. This movers' therapy is available for $120 from Elsewares, as is a non-alcoholic assortment for more wholesome housewarmings.