Run, Loud Graphix, Run!


LCD Soundsystem's specially–commissioned Nike+ mix has been a welcome accompaniment on the Nano when I'm pounding the streets, so I'm glad to reveal that the works of four more musicians are about to be released, but this time with a European twist. At the Designmai festival in Berlin this weekend, the Run, Loud Graphix, Run! collaboration will be unveiled, where the new tunes will be complimented by new cover art. From left, the works are by:
Mitch to go with the mix from Afronaught (both U.K.)
Mode2 (France/Germany) to go with the mix by I:Cube (France)
Delta (Netherlands) to go with music from Volcov (Italy)
Jutojo to compliment Jazzanova’s mix (both Germany)

Also in Berlin, another track called "Passo4" is being played for the first time. Again, it involves four European musicians, but this time their efforts are mixed into one long, running–friendly track. After the unveiling, all the music mentioned is set to soon be available—of course—on iTunes.