Nostalgia 77: Everything Under The Sun


Swirling waves of jangling bells, shells, bamboo and other eclectic sounds weave a soothing texture behind the chords, melodies and words of Everything Under The Sun, the latest record from prolific Oxford, England native Benedic Lamdin, aka Nostalgia 77. His “Nostalgia†is for the Soul-, Spiritual-, Cosmic-, and Free-Jazz of the 60s and 70s. And his music fuses an homage to these classic forms with subtle modern touches.

Lamdin (who lives in Brighton alongside Tru Thoughts label mates Alice Russell, Quantic and TM Juke) found his way to jazz, like many of his contemporaries, through early 90s hip-hop. He went from record collector to post hip-hop jazz-influenced beatmaker to award-winning composer/producer. Everything is his foray into the world of vocal jazz.

Lizzy Parks fronts four of the album’s nine songs, dropping psychedelic soul-esque vocals on “Eastwind,†and precise straight ahead maneuvers on the vocalese-influenced acrobatic melody of “Stop to make a change.†But Beth Rowley, who only appears on these two cuts, outshines her with perfectly sweet whispery finesse on “Quiet dawn†and “Steps to the sun.â€

The tunes are performed by varying ensembles of five to eight musicians (none of them Lamdin), including Tenor player Mark Hanslip, who graces “Quiet Dawn†and the best of the album’s three intrumental tracks, “Arora,†with beautiful solos.

Due out in March 2007, you can request it from Dusty Groove or pre-order from Amazon U.K.

by DJ Scribe