Living Under The Sun: Tropical Interiors and Architecture

Enviable houses with breathtaking views that blend nature with a human touch

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Perhaps not a cure for the post-long-weekend blues, Gestalten’s new hardcover tome “Living Under The Sun: Tropical Interiors and Architecture” showcases beautifully designed and decorated houses that happen to be located in the middle of tropical wonderlands. Homes in Vietnam, India, Brazil and everywhere in between have been photographed, and, like their surroundings, the designs are varied—with everything from beach shacks to mid-century modern mansions and brutalist-style concrete structures featured.

They all share a commonality, however: each place strikes a spectacular balance between lush greenery and the human touch. With many rooms opening up to bring the outside indoors, many of the houses seem to be organically placed in the middle of nature—something each team of architects has been wary of; from overall appearance to eco-friendly design features.

From the incredible Marcelo Rosenbaum’s house in Sao Paulo, with its geometric-shaped tiled walls and locally crafted textiles and decor, to Planchonella House in Cairns, with its roof garden for naturally soaking up heat in the tropical rainforest, there is a home of everybody’s dreams within these pages. Check out the slideshow for some of our favorites.

“Living Under The Sun: Tropical Interiors and Architecture” is available for purchase online for $60.

Images by Cool Hunting