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Now For Something Spicy


From the Spice Girls to Ab Fab and now to a successful solo career. Donít kill me but I have to say I actually like the former Baby Spice, who now simply goes by Emma
. Yes, itís pure pop, a guilty pleasure. But her single, ìFree Me,î which is already huge in the UK, is catchy. It has hooks and built-in dance moves. Sure the lyrics are repetitive, but watch how long it takes you to start moving once the music gets going. Emmaís all grown up and sexy as hell Ö but still cute as a Bunton (sorry, couldnít help myself). Not to mention she seems like the only former Spice Girl to actually have a chance at going on to have a career of her own (sorry Ginge, you tried sweetheart. Next.). Check out the single for Free Me


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