On Air


For over a quarter century, MTV's been mining up-and-coming talent to create what are often the smartest, funniest, and all-around most compelling bits on the station—or anywhere on TV for that matter. Those old enough will remember the early wacky, animated logos, but more recently MTV's channel ids and ads have taken the form of short films and are often where designers like Huntergatherer and Lobo often get their wings, and are one of the prime ways that MTV has used "soft branding" to stay relevant to their audience. A new book and companion DVD, both titled "On Air: The Visual Messages and Global Language of MTV", curates work that has aired in MTV's four different markets worldwide in recent years. Organized by region, the unique 70-minute DVD is filled with animation and live action that range from technical dazzlers, like Pistachios' cross-stitched photographs, to In Jaus' outrageous fantasies about MTV female janitors. The hardcover book profiles each of the 100 projects with stills, backstories, responses, and basic artist bios, and also includes essays on MTV and creativity. Though it regrettably skips production dates, the set is a must-have resource for creatives in nearly every field.

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