Paper Idol: Seen This All Before

LA-based recording artist Paper Idol (aka Matan KG) returns with the dance-party pop track, “Seen This All Before.” Under its sunny, synth-driven exterior beats the song’s lyrical edge. As for the official visuals, “We shot the video in a single day in 2019 while [keyboardist] Adam’s brother, Sam, was visiting from out of town,” KG explains. “Sam happened to bring his video equipment and was like ‘you wanna shoot a music video?’ We went to every possible tourist destination in LA we could think of and just kind of fooled around and sang to people. The song release was delayed due to Covid, which gave us the perfect opportunity to frame it as two guys entering a 2019 simulator.” The comedic framing works—and although the footage dates back in time, the song it supports is a perfect fit for summer 2021.