Pittsburgh’s 27-Part Drivable Art Exhibition

Sean Rothermel’s April in Paris of Appalachia art exhibition, which ends 31 July, spans 27 outdoor billboards around Pittsburgh and its surrounding metropolitan area. A billboard across the street from Rothermel’s apartment was both an eyesore and a source of inspiration through quarantine. “I struggled a bit early on in the pandemic and found that creative exploration was a helpful mechanism to cope with the stress,” Rothermel tells the Pittsburgh City Paper. He decided to place his art on the spaces typically reserved for advertisements in order to create “a way for people to connect even if that just means agreement on the fact that the artist is a little nuts.” Each piece is meant to be viewed in a specific order, and he made a helpful map to follow, which sets the course for a three-hour drive through the exhibition. Read and see more at the Pittsburgh City Paper.

Image by Jared Wickerham / Courtesy of Pittsburgh City Paper