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Premiere: “Beginnings and Ends” by KC Jones

A cosmic country track that ascends above its diverse influences

The life of Lafayette, Louisiana-based artist KC Jones has long been aswirl with diverse audio influences and progressive output—from her Appalachian musical origins through to her Cajun French songwriting as part of the nostalgia-inspiring, Grammy-nominated band Feufollet. With her new single, “Beginnings and Ends,” from her forthcoming debut solo album Queen of the In Between (out 18 June), Jones synthesizes her inspirations and imparts a new sound upon listeners—one that also calls to mind genres of yesteryear (perhaps indie-folk with a twang of cosmic country and psych rock), but with a charm that’s entirely imagined by the recording artist herself.

“This song came about after a moment when there were quite a few things up in the air in my life,” Jones tells us. “I was torn between following what I thought was right for my future and what it seemed some people around me thought I should do. I really wanted to speak to the fact that sometimes beginnings and ends are one and the same and that you can never really be sure when they are happening until long after the fact as you are looking back on them.”

Regarding the song’s sonic profile, she adds, “I’m a sucker for a catchy guitar lick and especially obsessed with the sound of baritone guitar, and I think that was some of the glue for this one musically. I’m always putting so many chords in songs following the melody maybe too closely with them, and I sometimes get slightly chastised by band mates having to solo over them. This one is a prime example, but I can’t help myself!”

Image courtesy of Olivia Perillo


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