Premiere: “Open Space” by Wilderman

An eerie, atmospheric and moderately NSFW alternate universe video

Rob Gungor—who doubles as the owner (along with partner Simone Rubi) of the Do Your Thing cafe in the art haven that is Marfa, Texas—releases music once again under the moniker Wilderman. “Open Space,” the debut track off of his forthcoming album Artifice comes complete with an atmospheric new music video, premiering here today. The song itself, a departure from Gungor’s more analog stylings on 2013’s Learn to Feel, carries complex musical layering bound by a concise rhythm. Gungor’s vocals yield a Peter Gabriel-like considered soul. Altogether, there’s a lush, transportive vibe both digital and tactile.

As for the music video, Gungor envisioned the concept, directed the piece and edited it. With cinematography by Patrick Meade Jones—ranging from broad landscape shots to almost sterile interiors—a rather uncommon world has been built that’s a little bit of a modern day western but much more science fiction. Games are played. Breasts are revealed. Milk is poured. A life may be lost. And all of it is done unexpectedly—with the occasional pop of color. Thus far, Wilderman has been a relatively obscure figure. This work only hints at what can be expected.

Images and video courtesy of Wilderman