Cool Hunting Rough Cut: Professional Bull Riders

Our latest video takes a look at the lesser known athletes in bull riding

It’s not every day that the rodeo comes to New York City, and we were recently invited to get a peak behind the curtain at the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) event at Madison Square Garden. We talked with Jacke Carnefix, Senior Manager of Public Relations for the PBR, and got some insight into the life and times of the lesser-known participants—the bulls. While most attention goes to their human counterparts, the bulls that take the stage in high-level riding competitions are highly esteemed athletes in their own right, bred and trained specifically to be expert buckers. In this video, you can check out some intense rodeo action, and, if you have ever seen MSG on a regular night, you may be shocked by its transformation to a rodeo ring. The build-out morphed the infamous home of the New York Knicks into a massive dirt-covered pen, offering a pleasantly disorienting experience for locals.