Public Art in Tulum

The Mexican destination offers up vibrant murals alongside pristine beaches, jungles and Mayan ruins

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Over the past few years, Tulum has become the go-to destination for a relaxing but unique beach vacation. While the sleepy town is just two hours south of the high-rise and fast-food-laden strip of beach known as Cancun, it’s a world away. As the cozy beaches and ancient Mayan ruins (along with world-class hotels and international gourmet fare) draw in most tourists, a rising number of renowned street artists from Mexico and abroad are giving visitors a reason to leave the beach. Following Festival Tulum Art Project in December 2014, boutique hotel ZAMAS is now offering cycling tours of the city’s growing collection of public art.


The combination of Tulum’s cultural heritage as an ancient Mayan port, its geographical positioning between the sea and jungle, and a contemporary identity as a global destination are running themes in many of the vibrant paintings. Visual narratives of Mayan culture and legends run blocks away from paintings shedding light on contemporary Mexico’s relationship with tourism. With many of Mexico’s top muralists (including Spaik, Tellaeche and Senkoe just to name a few) on display, Tulum’s growing collection of public art is one amenity that warrants exploring just as much as its beaches and ruins.

Visit ZAMAS for more information about their new public art tours and for booking details.

Images courtesy of Hotel ZAMAS