Refinery29 Winter Playlist


This time of year can be fairly sluggish as far as new albums go. You have to be paying close attention to catch the sonic gems. But, rest assured, they're here in abundance—you just need to know where to look. Refinery29 has compiled a Winter Playlist that has a mix of some of our all-time favorite artists peppered with a few new discoveries we've been into as of late. Some highlights…

Radiohead: In Rainbows A virtually flawless album from one of our generation's true musical treasures. Like a more organic re-recording of Kid A material—electric piano, strings, drums, and Thom Yorke's inimitable voice. It's Radiohead, what more can we say?

Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend There has been much buzz about these preppy Columbia grads, with their top-siders and Lacoste polos. But enough about their style—they make great Paul Simon-influenced jangly pop that discusses the pitfalls of dorm life, vacationing on Cape Cod, and the Oxford Comma. Cloying? Perhaps. Insanely catchy? Definitely.

Roisin Murphy: Overpowered Roisin wears outrageous outfits and makes amazing videos, and, frankly, that's how we first discovered her. But don't mistake those disco stylings as hipster Kylie rip-offs. It's actually quite amazing in its own right. Unfairly destined for American obscurity, we should help Roisin make it to the top and crank this as loud as we can.

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