Richard Caldicott

In his earlier work, Richard Caldicott used Tupperware containers as the subject for his photographs, elevating these common household objects to objects of beauty. Piling vibrantly colored plastic cups and bowls, he created abstract formations that were like eye-popping op-art paintings.

His concern was the metamorphosis of the everyday, which for him has something almost alchemical about it. This went one step further in photography, by chemically transforming his constructions into two-dimensional pictures at the touch of a button. The work shows that he was aiming for a kind of transmutation of the functionality of everyday objects.

Caldicott refers to his latest works as “Constructions,†which not only suggests that he is manually making the things he photographs, but also creates a connection to constructivism and architecture. In this series, he leaves the realm of using specific objects, and deals directly with abstraction. He makes collages and assemblages, and then photographs them multiple times. The transparencies are then overlapped in different formations to get the final image.

His work is currently on view at the Galerie f5,6 in Munich until May 26th.

Galerie f5,6
80539 Munich
tel. +089 286 751 67