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Rising Star: Alison Breitman


Alison Breitman, an adorable pixie of a New Yorker, has a voice that blows away most female singers I’ve heard in a long time. Combine the intelligence of Aimee Mann with the sultriness of Fiona Apple and the friskiness of Annie and you have a fantastic night of live music.

Alison’s appearance doesn’t do her voice justice. It’s amazing that so much power is packed in such a tiny person.

Her album, The Game, is available at CD Baby. I particularly like the party vibe of Get in the Game and the breathiness of This Ride.

I met Alison last night at a Changes show at Rothko in NYC. She told me that she’s spending her summer in Chicago, trying to hook up gigs and expand her ever-growing fan base.

And hey, all you A&R peeps out there – get off your asses and get in touch with Alison. Seriously, this girl deserves a record deal.


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