SENT: America’s First Phonecam Art Show


Many of us see beauty in the crudeness of emerging visual technology. Cameraphone images are, at this moment in time, really distinctive. And, to me, really beautiful. I even maintain a little gallery of my own mobile phone images
is an upcoming exhibition of camera phone images organized by Sean Bonner, Caryn Coleman and Xeni Jardin. The exhibition will exist both on-line and in real space at the Sixspace Gallery in LA. From their site:

SENT will be the first major exhibit of phonecam art in the United States. We'll explore the camera phone's potential as a creative tool in two ways: through an online public dialogue in which amateur photographers and phonecam users around the world share mobile snapshots of their lives; and through an invitational exhibit in which professional photographers, artists, and public figures test the limits of creative possibilities offered by these hybrid devices.

via BoingBoing