Spalding Rockwell

SpalRock_ari.jpgSpalding Rockwell delivers druggy electro-funk reminiscent of searing ‘80s guitar-driven attitude chick rock. They’ve been a staple on the New York scene for a little while and haven’t really broken out – but they should. Mary Louise (ML) Platt and Nicole (Nikki) Lombardi are tough, gritty, sexy and domineering. They serve their music with a don’t-fuck-with-me attitude and if you dare look at them in their big beautiful eyes, you may face a stare down worthy of Medusa’s wrath. They don’t have a problem singing about pussy, cocaine or wussy boys. And on any given day, they look like they could be strutting down the high fashion catwalk. Beyond all that, their sound is pure rock with a serious attitude.