Superhumanoids: Urgency

Ethereal tunes from a collective of L.A. music nerds


Dubbed an “indie pop quartet,” L.A.-based band Superhumanoids has more in common with the emotionally-languid style of vets like Morrissey than with peers lumped into the same near-meaningless genre. Like all good design, their tunes balance honesty, innovation and attention to detail that stems from the group’s dedication to music. The four members—Sarah Chernoff, Cameron Parkins, Max St. John and Evan Weinerman—all play different instruments and roles in other bands.

A natural frontman, Parkins typically takes the lead with his sex-phone-operator baritone anchoring his sensually-hysterical high notes and Chernoff’s soothing backup melodies. A steady beat and intriguing riffs—like on “Hey Big Bang,” a power ballad with a catchy staccato drumbeat that feels tailor-made for Chernoff’s haunting vocals—ties the dreamy roller coaster of sound together.


While the four have only been playing together for just over a year, songs like “Contemporary Individual” and “Cranial Contest” showcase a well-honed instinct for blending their individual talents.

Superhumanoids’ recently released Urgency, a red vinyl EP, sells from record label Hit City U.S.A., which Parkins’ cofounded along with fellow Franks bandmate Colin Stutz. (Chernoff is the drummer and third member of The Franks.) Pick up the record ($10) or CD ($5) online from Hit City or visit the band’s website to download the album through Soundcloud.