British singer Tallulah Rendall collaborates with artists for each track of her playful new album


The whimsical British singer songwriter Tallulah Rendall‘s upcoming album celebrates creativity in all its dimensions. Alive follows her debut album Libellus, which was notable for Tallulah’s soaring voice and her clever idea of creating “viral vinyl” that worked both digitally and as a physical work of art.

Tallulah’s enterprising approach to music making is evident once again on Alive, which was independently funded through Pledge Music—the service that enables donators to follow the creative process of the album through regular updates from the artist.


Always one for creative collaboration, Tallulah has extended her multimedia approach by working with a different artist on each song of this new album, inviting them to interpret her music in their own visual fashion. The first single “Ghost on The Water” features the sensual modern ballet of Amy Richardson-Impey, while the second more upbeat single “Blind Like A Fool” finds Tallulah animated on the circus high-wire by Jelly Brain Productions.

The obvious pleasure Tallulah takes in sharing the creative process with others has us looking forward to the Alive album and its accompanying artworks when it’s released early 2011.