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The Community Conclusion to Damien Hirst’s NFT Collection “The Currency”

Launched in July 2021, The Currency is an NFT collection by Damien Hirst in collaboration with international art service HENI. It comprises 10,000 NFTs—each of which corresponds to one of the artist’s spot paintings—which could be traded in for the physical artwork. 4,851 token holders of The Currency opted to keep their NFTs, leaving their corresponding paintings to be exhibited and then burned by Hirst at the collection’s conclusion on 22 September in London. Many of Hirst’s token holders and fans attended Newport Street Gallery, uniting long-time art lovers with beginners and online friends who connected through Discord but had never met in real life. As Artnet’s Vivienne Chow observes, “A sense of excitement was shared widely by the participants here. Many greeted each other in person as if they were long-lost friends, seeming to represent the spirit of ‘community’ widely touted in NFT culture.” Learn more about it at Artnet.

Image courtesy of Vivienne Chow

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