The Sound of Your City

WeSC and smart team up in audio experiments around the globe

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Even fans of urbanization don’t usually talk about the cacophony of crowded sidewalks and highly-trafficked thoroughfares. What if all you really want to do is sleep in the city that never sleeps? But we’re always ready to obsess more about NYC, so when tiny car brand smart asked us to take a deep listen and record the results, we hit the streets.

Part of “The Superlative Journey” campaign for a collaboration with streetwear label WeSC, our audio-scape was one of several captured by a cast of international online publications under the banner of “The Sound of Your City.” The results were presented at events and now live online on smart’s Urban Stages website—which is where the pieces come together.


Positioned as a place for dialog about the future of cities, the question becomes, what will our future cities sound like? The implication of course is filled with the purr of smart engines, but you also have the choice to literally go by the beat of your own drummer with the WeSC headphones developed alongside the Brabus, their smart car customization.

The headphones sell for $80 from WeSC online or from one of their 28 stores worldwide.