The Spinosaurus Dinosaur Was a Swimmer

While scientists have believed most dinosaurs were land-dwelling, evidence that the Spinosaurus was a swimmer has just been confirmed—thanks to bones found in Morocco in 2018 being reconstructed as the massive creature’s tail. Understood to grow between 20 and 50 feet long, the giant predatory dinosaur somewhat resembled the crocodile and was well-equipped to hunt for prey deep below the water’s surface—courtesy of its top-facing nostrils, flat feet and long snout. “This discovery is the nail in the coffin for the idea that non-avian dinosaurs never invaded the aquatic realm,” Nizar Ibrahim, a paleontologist at University of Detroit Mercy, tells Live Science. “This dinosaur was actively pursuing prey in the water column, not just standing in shallow waters waiting for fish to swim by… It probably spent most of its life in the water.” Find out more at Live Science.