Trig + Felix Mag


If you're feeling a bit Face Spaced or My Booked, check out Trig. When behemoths of the social networking phenomenon are boring you, Trig is a more refined and well-designed online community experience . We were introduced to this Swedish site at First Exposure where we could immediately see that it is built to attract cutting edge creatives who want to showcase their work alongside other like-minded innovators. Essentially it has all the same bells and whistles as other social networking sites, just with more style and creative input. You can sign up under "People" if you are primarily there to network or "Music" if you are there to promote your latest sounds. However, while this kind of online self promotion is a fantastic way to procrastinate through your day, there is an end goal for Trig with it's truly innovative sister site Felix.


The smart people who launched Trig realized that if you create an online community full of artists you suddenly have an enormous resource of creative material. Felix was born as an online magazine with content created by Trig members. Sections include: Features, Art + Photography, Music, Fashion and Blogs (for creative writing). We are also enjoying Felix Social, a subsection where you can record the recent goings on in your city: parties, gigs, festivals and club nights. So far people have been posting from London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Milan, Manchester, Los Angeles and New York.

Felix online is the forerunner to what will be a bi-monthly published magazine. We like the possibilities in this new concept magazine created with user-driven content. There are some seriously experienced tastemakers behind the Trig/Felix project including Ashley Heath and Tim McIntyre, the previous editor and art director of The Face and Arena magazines respectively. We expect them to be highlighting some of the most interesting work on the web.