Premiere: “Painfully Obvious” by Twin Cabins

The song and music video from the emerging LA-based artist contemplates physical intimacy

We don’t know much about Nacho Cano—who creates music under the name Twin Cabins—aside from the fact that he was born in Mexico, raised in California, and built his own desktop computer so that it could run a studio. But it’s one of those instances when we’re happy to let the music speak for itself. While the songs Cano made in the past few years could easily be dissected into what influential albums he was listening to at the time, his recent music signals a determination to craft something refreshingly unique, memorable and personal.

Premiering on CH, the music video for Twin Cabins’ sparse, ruminating song “Painfully Obvious” features different people (including the artist himself) sensually eating in slow-motion. Cano’s stirring falsetto sighs and an arousing yet mournful saxophone motif juxtapose against a pretty upbeat bass line that keeps pushing everything along, even though you might want to stay and rest and think. “The song is about the conundrum that is the need for physical intimacy,” Cano tells CH. “The video is much about the same.” It’s a lot of tension, but pleasantly bearable.

“The record is about a lot of really intimate and sensitive moments in my life,” says Cano on his debut LP Harmless Fantasies, which releases today. “Thematically, the record is very definitive; it’s about conflicts of sex, intimacy, and identity. The pains of carrying past weight, past pains, and the weight that they carry onto new experiences.”

Harmless Fantasies is available on limited edition vinyl via Greg Ipp’s LA label Sunset & Hyperion, and digitally via Bandcamp.

Images courtesy of the artist