Why Some People Aren’t Moved by Music

While some songs might make you sob, others will have you tapping your toes or breaking into dance in the middle of the office, but some people aren’t really moved by music—not even Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman.” These people experience a phenomenon called musical anhedonia, and they find music to be boring or distracting. In a recent study of 45 students at the University of Barcelona, the subjects were divided into three groups—those who live and die for music, those who enjoy it, and those who have no interest. When listening to music, the two musically inclined groups had a clear link between the auditory and reward regions of the brain—the latter group had no connection. No connection equals no real joy from listening to music. So next time you get the chills from a special tune, enjoy it, because not everyone can. Read more at The Atlantic.