Yvette Mayorga’s Cake Decorations Critique Surveillance and Consumerism

Yvette Mayorga’s most recent work, “Surveillance Locket,” is a cake version of the Polly Pocket mansion that the artist dreamed of owning in her youth. Made with multiple layers of pink acrylic paint, pushed through piping bags, the faux confection melds the domestic interiors of the artist’s childhood with imaginary spaces. At first glance, the cake appears joyful and luxurious with its gold banisters and chandeliers, but a closer look reveals toy soldiers hiding throughout. These figures represent the military presence at the US and Mexico border, where Mayorga spent time between family visits growing up. Combing the gluttony of cake, children’s toys, soldiers and colonialist histories, Mayorga makes a critique about overconsumption and surveillance. Learn more about the work—which will be permanently installed at O’Hare International Airport’s Terminal 5—at It’s Nice That.

Image of Yvette Mayorga: Surveillance Locket, courtesy of the artist