Alessi at Milan Design Week

Alessi's new Milan showroom, lighting collaboration and projects by emerging designers

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The opening of Alessi’s new Milan space today was more than just a celebration of their new digs, but also an occasion to present some of the iconic Italian brand’s latest projects, including an innovative line of lamps and luminaries, produced by Foreverlamp and conceived by a team of three young designers.


The trio consists of Giovanni Alessi Anghini, Gabriele Chiave and Frederic Gooris, who explained, “We work as a team, even though we still run our own design firms. We’ve known each other for years and Alberto Alessi decided to give us the chance to create something new.” The AlessiLux project breaks the boundaries between classic bulb and lamp, creating real enlightened and colorful objects. With high quality overall and the latest technology—both in terms of performance and environmentalism—will this team create something new for the future? “We cannot be precise by now, but we are working on ideas able to combine Alessi’s design excellence and mass market.”


Also in the new showroom, ECAL (the University of Art and Design of Lausanne) presented an interesting exhibition to showcase the desk and office objects designed by Bachelor students in industrial design that resulted from a workshop with Elric Petit. A pivoting opening and closing system characterizes the “Frana” pencil box, the “Spettro” flying saucer captures paper clips and “Ora” is a clock mobile that suspends time. Conceiving of the workspace as a friendly and welcoming environment, they came up with tools intended to provide some joy to their users—in true Alessi spirit.

See more images of all the designs in the gallery below.