Baise en Ville Skateboards

Well-designed, easy-to-carry boards produced in France

We met up with Laurent Pierre and Anne Isimat-Mirin during Paris Design Week, during which the duo launched their Baise en Ville Skateboards campaign on Kickstarter. The term “baise en ville” is slang frequently used for a small overnight bag (to hold a toothbrush, underwear, condoms, etc) carried by those seeking to have a fun night out. The name directly reflects the skateboarding brand’s mission. Many people spend almost as much time carrying their board as riding it, so why not make it easier to carry? A round hole placed in the board’s nose provides a convenient method—placing your middle fingers through the opening creates a natural way to hang or to grip your board while walking around town. The hole allows you to thread a lock through it if you want to chain it up securely, or to hang it up on a hook.

The duo brought the board to life through their own experiences skating together. Designed by the brand and crafted in France by acclaimed skateboard-maker Pierre Pascaud from seven-ply North American maple, the skateboards are available with either “classic” or “mama” gear by Polster trucks, MOB and OJ Wheels. The board’s design is meant to be optimized for city cruising (providing a ride more comfortable than most street boards) and is shorter than a longboard.

You can purchase regular and limited edition boards (featuring designs by Emmanuel Hyronimus and Céline Leroy)—alone or with the gear—on their Kickstarter now.

Images courtesy of Baise en Ville