The Bandolier Bag

The two-sided alternative to bulky messenger bags

bandolier-bag-skate.jpg bandolier-bag-bike.jpg

Conscious of the need for a midsize alternative to the often oversized and always cumbersome messenger bag, the creative minds at SSCY have come up with the Bandolier, a dual-compartment bag that allows quick and easy access to all pockets and pouches without slowing you down. The sling-style design fits over the shoulder like most messenger bags do, but a swift tug pulls the back to front or vice versa.


Another example of the bag’s intelligent design, a diagonal pleat expands to jam more in the bag that you may think. To keep the load balanced, straps cinch tight to the body, making it ideal for biking, skating, or really any activity with lots of momentum change. The simple feature keeps the Bandolier’s weight from shifting unexpectedly and throwing the wearer off balance—a common issue with heavy backpacks and messenger bags.


Constructed using tough 600 x 300 denier nylon backed with vinyl for water resistance, the Bandolier bag offers ample room and protection for everyday necessities. Combined with anatomical design, it’s perfect for light days on the road when you just can’t leave your phone, camera, notebook or iPad at home.


Proudly made in Brooklyn like all SSCY products, the Bandolier is now available through a few local NYC retailers and online at SSCY. Make sure to keep an eye on head designer S.C. Yuan and his design team. Word is they’re already working on a second innovative bag to address further needs of the cycling community .