Betsy & Iya Jewelery

by Adrienne So


Betsy Cross, a Portland-based jewelry designer working under the label Betsy & Iya, creates shamelessly sentimental necklaces and earrings, kept boldly of-the-moment with techniques like upcycling curtain rings and repurposing vintage materials. Boutique shops nationwide carry the line (named after herself and her older sister-slash-muse), yet she continues to handmake each item—from small details such as her signature earring hooks, hand-formed from sterling silver, to her custom-cast dog tags.


Large, quirky charms and swooping chains characterize much of Cross' designs for a striking yet indubitably feminine effect, while items like the Morse Code Necklace (above right, also customizable) work for a more gender-neutral look.


Find Betsy & Iya retailers on the website or purchase jewelry from the Etsy shop.