Call for Entries: American Design Club + Roll & Hill

Submit design work for the chance to be featured in an upcoming exhibition and included in the Brooklyn lighting brand's line


Celebrating independent design and the entrepreneurial spirit, Brooklyn-based lighting design and manufacturing firm Roll & Hill is teaming up with the American Design Club for a new crowd-sourced show entitled “Curse the Darkness.” The organizers are currently accepting design submissions for objects that hold a candle (or candles) to provide safe illumination. The winners will be featured in an exhibition during NYCxDesign 2015, with a select winner produced en mass in partnership with Roll & Hill. According to American Design Club founding member Kiel Mead, “Candle and holder should be considered together, and designers are welcome to address the design of both the candle and object or simply the object itself.” In other words, if it holds a candle, it’s up for review. The show’s creative inspiration comes from a quote made popular by John F Kennedy: “We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light a candle that can guide us through that darkness to a safe and sure future.”

Submissions are accepted through 7 April 2015. For more information visit the American Design Club and Roll & Hill.

Images courtesy of Roll & Hill