Escape the Milan fair frenzy at designer Matteo Ragni's Campari bottle-inspired bar

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In the beautiful gardens of La Triennale Design Museum, Italy’s famed aperitivo Campari created a new look for the outdoor bar, a bright red vision designed by Matteo Ragni. Dubbed Camparitivo, Ragni tells us the spirit behind this Talent Capsule design “is continuing toward a ‘futuro meraviglioso’ (wonderful future), like in the previous seasons.” The Italian designer (known for his all-in-one spoon and fork called Moscardino) says of the bar originally created in 2010, “All the ideas around this project are in homage to the classic Campari bottle, designed in 1932 by the Futurist artist Fortunato Depero. But the new ideas aim to define a constant evolution.”


Ragni’s projects for Campari confirm such a conviction. The Clic glass is a glorification of the iconic bottle, the Meditation Telescopes are a variation on the signature conical shape, the Hourglass made with two bottles defines the perfect time lapse to enjoy your drink, and the new Talent Capsules are like rockets for collective creativity.

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The Triennale gardens are now punctuated with several Talent Capsules, semi-closed spaces in an open natural space, quiet areas for discussing, concentrating, creating, having meetings or simply drinking an aperitivo.

The Capsule are free to use, but can also be booked on Campari’s website. See more images of the Campari bar in the gallery.