Cannador Medical Marijuana Storage Boxes

A humidity-controlled, airtight environment guarantees that your stash stays fresh


Now that marijuana is legally recognized for its therapeutic effects, the accessories market is more upscale than ever, allowing for a greater standard of enjoyment. Not dissimilar from wine aficionados or gourmands, cannabis connoisseurs have a language of strain, origin, effect and preferred methods of consumption, making the plant a very serious subject. Just as important is the way that marijuana is stored, which has usually been a surreptitious act up until now.


The Cannador has changed all that by offering a uniquely designed airtight storage box that creates the dark, humidity-controlled environment ideal for longterm cannabis storage. First noticed by CH as part of the stoner supplies wish list in our recent gift guide round-up, The Cannador keeps it classy with a choice of walnut or cherry wood exterior, defying the stereotypical hippie aesthetic for a much more domestic design. The Cannador also chooses a mahogany interior for its superior humidity control and lack of residual smells and oils that can affect the box’s contents. Coming in a selection of sizes, each Cannador is equipped with a number of perforated storage cans that balance the amount of humidity your herbs receive, and a patented Humidity Bead System that controls the environment by absorbing and releasing humidity as needed. Finally, The Cannador blog yields an extensive amount of information, often backed by scientific research and expert opinion. All in all, the Cannador team shows a level of insight new to cannabis culture, which will certainly be welcomed by the well-versed.

The Cannador ($119-$199) is available in walnut or cherry wood.

Images courtesy of Cannador