Caran d’Ache + MB&F’s Astrograph Limited Edition Writing Instrument

A pen that's a mechanical piece of art

Made by creative lab and horological machine-makers MB&F and manufacturers of fine pens, Caran d’Ache (founded in 1915), the new limited edition Astrograph is a striking instrument that’s much more than just a pen. The two Geneva-based brands are known for crafting exquisite and awe-inspiring work, and this is no different. The Astrograph is a space-themed piece which sits proudly on any desk. The slim, curved pen, which clearly reflects the shape of a rocket, is available as a roller or fountain pen (featuring a rhodium-plated 18k gold nib). Built into the pen is its impressive and surprising base—three legs and a miniature ladder work as a stand for the pen (and an awesome object to inspire space travel daydreams).

Along with the pen is a box (circular and made to look like a launchpad) and a resident astronaut. The small, androgynous figurine is made from rhodium-plated silver and is magnetized—so it can be placed on the writing instrument, as if it’s climbing on- or off-board.

This is an incredibly playful but luxurious piece, which includes 99 components (among the most complex pens ever made, it took more than four years to create), and is available in three very limited editions of the fountain pen (high gloss rhodium, matt rhodium and ruthenium) and one of the roller pen (matt rhodium), each limited to 99 pieces. This mechanical work of art (that writes too!) is available for $19,900.

Images and video courtesy of MB&F