Casamania 2014 Highlights

Steel, leather and glow-in-the-dark wood from the Italian furnishing brand, as seen during Milan Design Week


Italy’s Casamania really understands the value of presenting a comprehensive brand aesthetic across all avenues—including products and media. We recently saw the latest collection of handsome home furnishings at Salone del Mobile during Milan Design Week 2014. Within the impressive the collection, there were a few standout pieces; including the Lumen coffee table, Network bookcase and Raphia Rocking chair. Each comes from a different designer, utilizing a range of materials—from steel to rattan, leather and glow-in-the-dark wood.


Luca Papini’s Lumen coffee tables for Casamania are made of a rare oak characterized by naturally occurring aluminates that absorb light and glow at night—hence its name. The unique material makes for a clever piece that’s curiously attractive in all lighting situations. Using a material that’s visually intriguing in a whole different manner, Milan-based design studio Lucidi Pevere created the Raphia Rocking chair using bent rattan and painted steel. An extension of the 2013 Raphia chair, the genre-bending design combines artisanal craft and industrial production with rather attractive results.

The Network bookcase designed by Neuland Paster & Geldmacher for Casamania addresses the issue of storing books and items of varying sizes. The slender bookcase uses modular panels made of leatherette to adjust cubby shapes, allowing for a wide range of customization options.


While the collection included a number of standout seats, including the aforementioned Rafia Rocking, the La Dina chair design by Luca Nichetto—an acclaimed former panelist ofour Designer Master Classes during Milan Design Week 2013—is both classic and modern. The solid ash wood chair is a contemporary rendition of the traditional Tyrolean chair native to mountain lodges around the world. Thanks to the solid construction, assembly is achieved without hardware, using pressure and leverage to keep everything in place.

For a closer look at the entire collection, visit Casamania online.

Images courtesy of Casamania