CH Gift Guide: Apocalyptic Presents

Prepare for the end of the world as we know it

Regardless of whether those genius Mayans are correct and next week sees an apocalypse take place, it’s not a bad idea to make sure you and your loved ones are well prepared for any level of disaster. Here are 12 presents from the Cool Hunting Gift Guide that span the range from utility to entertainment.

eton-turbine-thumb-984x984-51567.jpg Contour-Roam2-gg-thumb-984x984-51561.jpg
Eton’s FRX3 Hand Turbine

When the power is finally out and you’re feeling totally stranded, Eton’s FRX3 Hand Turbine will have you juiced up in no time. Simply crank the handle to power up its light, radio and, most critically, your mobile phone, which can now play the R.E.M.-appropriate tune via the turbine’s AUX-input.


Catering to outdoor adventurists, Contour‘s action-ready ROAM2 features a handy instant recording switch to capture 1080p HD or 720p video at 60 frames per second. This is likely a once-in-a-lifetime affair so you better make sure you’ve got it all on film. Plus it shoots still photos with nine time intervals and is waterproof up to a meter without a case.

gg-carson-thumb-984x984-49541.jpg ggutopia-thumb-984x984-50883.jpg
A Farther Shore: The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson

The apocalypse will provide plenty of time for reading, so pick up “A Farther Shore“—a 50th anniversary commemoration of Rachel Carlson’s seminal book, “Silent Spring”, to see how we may have been able to fend off such a situation years ago.

LeCool’s Smart Guide to Utopia

Inspired by the pint-sized two-seater Smart car, LeCool’s intelligent guide proposes 111 clever city concepts for the ultimate in idillic urban living. You may as well start planning your own utopia so you’re ready for to lead the new world.

kaufmann1-thumb-984x984-50602.jpg grimewriter-thumb-984x984-50915.jpg
Extra Large Graphite Stick

Made in Portugal at one of the oldest pencil manufacturers in Europe, this graphite stick is an essential art supply for those who love to draw on paper, or anyone whose only medium is now a rock and a hard place.

Grime Writer

Leave your SOS message in the dust with Grime Writer, a detergent-filled graffiti marker that cleans away street-filth—or in this case, may save your life.

wetterlingsax-thumb-984x984-50922.jpg switchtool-1-thumb-984x984-50394.jpg
Wetterlings Handmade Axes

Swedish axe purveyors Wetterlings say “we make very good axes.” Believe them. Originally designed for Swedish lumberjacks and used for generations of forestry work, their range of axes are made by hand and built to last.


No project is too big or repair too complicated for the Switch mega pocket-knife. With 18 different attachments (including a wood-saw, magnet, pen and wire-stripper), you may be able to sort yourself out in an apocalyptic position.

Private-White-Twin-Track-GG-thumb-984x984-51834.jpg poler-napsack-thumb-984x984-52155.jpg
Private White V.C.’s Twin Track Jacket

Tumultuous times call for heavy-duty gear. Named for founder James Eden’s great grandfather, who served heroically in WWI and later returned to Manchester to become a pattern maker and eventually own the very factory he trained in, Private White V.C. now produces garments in the same facility.

Napsack by Poler

Apocalypse? What apocalypse? You’ll be snug as a rug and watching movies on your turbine-charged iPad while resting on sack of ashes with Poler’s cozy Napsack.

sams-special-canoe-paddle-thumb-984x984-51924.jpg Lunaradial-thumb-984x984-51687.jpg
Sam’s Special Canoe Paddle

So you’re shit up a creek now that the world has ended? Fear not with Sam’s Special Canoe Paddle, a gorgeous oar sure to help you find safe shores in high style.

Lunaradial Harvest Calendar by LaFerrera Prints

If you survive and you’re the last man on Earth you will need to start planting new life. LaFerrera Prints’ elegant 2013 calendar displays the lunar phase and zodiac along with the fruits and vegetables ripe that season in North America so you can still live farm to table.