CH Omakase: 3×1 Selvedge Denim Tote

Limited to an edition of 50, these bags are made with beautiful, discarded fabric

Using the most unique selvedge denims from antique looms in Japan, Italy and the USA, NYC-based 3×1 makes some of our absolute favorite denim apparel. While we adore selvedge denim, we’re aware that it oftentimes comes with some waste, and we hate to see the gorgeous fabric that’s left over be discarded. The team at 3×1 feels that way too, so they were excited when we commissioned them to make these totes from a range of remnant material that didn’t have enough footage to become a pair of jeans. The result is a 50-piece CH Omakase Edition of the 3×1 selvedge denim tote bag.

The special edition totes range from deep blues to khaki denim, and each is made with the care 3×1 puts into every one of their high-quality pieces handmade in New York City. Since raw selvedge denim develops character over time, this is the perfect bag for schlepping your groceries, heading to the beach or even as an overnighter. The durable fabric will last, but ultimately change over the years.

While the special CH Edition tote isn’t available for purchase, 3×1 and Cone Mills joined forces earlier this year for another limited edition denim tote that you can purchase online. So as not to miss out next year, consider reserving your 2017 CH Omakase box now.

Images by Cool Hunting