CH Omakase 2016: From The Road

Exquisite accessories made sustainably by artisans all over the world

We’ve admired Susan Easton’s work at From the Road for many years, following her exotic travels and stories of the artisans she works with to create items of exquisite quality, craft and soul. Sustainably made using all-natural methods by skilled artisans around the world, Easton empowers individuals and villages by paying market rate for their beautiful work. For our 2016 Omakase, we worked with Easton to develop several products made in Nepal, from cashmere bandanas to felted cashmere scarves, one-of-a-kind linen and cashmere scarves, and luxurious cashmere blankets—each unique and created for specific Omakase customers.

The From the Road + Cool Hunting Omakase Cashmere Bandana, an edition of 20 pieces, is a versatile, lightweight square that can be worn around the neck, on your head, around your knee or in your pocket. With a warm grey warp and a natural weft, the color shifts from black to grey, providing maximum flexibility.

The From the Road + Cool Hunting Omakase Felted Cashmere Scarf, an edition of five, is crafted by master artisans in Nepal and is a technical feat in the hand arts. Handwoven with over two thousand strands and then expertly felted

using a proprietary adaptation of an ancient nomadic Himalayan tent making technique, it’s a unique and exceptional item.

The From the Road + Cool Hunting Omakase Scarves are an edition of five unique pieces. Lightweight linen (many in various shades of indigo) meets soft cashmere. Our brief to the weavers was to try new things, and each piece explores subtle variations in weave and finish. These extremely versatile scarves provide style and warmth on brisk days.

For our top-tier Omakase boxes we commissioned the over-the-top From the Road + Cool Hunting Omakase Cashmere Throws with each person in mind. Our brief was simple—each has to be unique, exploring unusual patterns, and make you want to wrap yourself up in front of a fire.

While all of the CH Omakase + From The Road items were exclusive to Omakase clients, there are many other sustainable luxury products available at From the Road, each with a story. Reserve your 2017 Omakase gift box now so you don’t miss out on exclusives next time.

Images by Cool Hunting