CH Omakase 2017: From the Road Nara Cashmere Throw

A luxurious piece hand-woven by artisans in Nepal

Ever since founding From the Road, Susan Easton has worked with skilled artisans to create pieces of exquisite quality, craft and soul. Some of the most stunning items are those crafted by Nepalese weavers (Easton also partnered with the United Nation’s Ethical Fashion Initiative to preserve and reinvigorate the region’s traditions) and this cashmere throw for CH Omakase is one of those pieces. This simple looking throw is actually quite complex to weave, and From the Road pays these artisans market rate for their beautiful work—ensuring that the individual and village benefit most from the work. This subtle, sophisticated throw lets the craftsmanship and cashmere speak for itself. Eco-friendly, socially responsible and beyond luxurious, this was made in an edition of just five.

CH Omakase is a collection of never seen before, pre-release and collaboratively designed gifts delivered in time for a holiday surprise. You can see our collection from this past season here.

Images by Cool Hunting